“Business Yacht Charter Seattle – Seattle Yacht Rental”

Business Yacht Charter Seattle - Seattle Yacht Rental, Washington

Seattle and the Pacific Northwest is an amazing setting for yachting enthusiast due to its long days, cool temperatures and so much to see and do during the summer.  Advice to all of those seeking a charter would be to have a well thought out itinerary whether you are on a day or a week cruise.  The Seattle area is busting with art, culture, music and a crazy amount of dockside dining establishments.  While auto traffic may always be an issue in Seattle, traffic on Lake Union and Lake Washington is as smooth and salient as the summer cool breeze.

Day Charter

When committing to a Day Charter, it is best to list a bunch of the sites then prioritize which locations are at the top of your list.  While most of the sites can be seen in a long day luxury vessel charter, the list immediately becomes limited once deviating from an eight hour charter period.  Please see the listing below for some of your potential sight-seeing highlights.

Montlake Cut – The eastern section of Lake Washington featuring a ship canal that passes through Seattle and joins Lake Washington to Puget Sound

Puget Sound – Home to most Washington State residents and all weather ports for ocean going ships from Olympia, Tacoma and Seattle.  The lake is rich in activity with boats and kayaks.  Also home to Tilicum Village.

Tillicum Village – Experience the culture of the Lushootseed Peoples with a 30 minute show and a Salmon lunch while visiting the island.  Highlights include song, dance, art, and a 150 year old totem pole.

UW Stadium – The University of Washington or better known as the Husky Stadium is best known as the most scenic football structure in the entire nation and what a site to see from the water.

Madison Park – This magnificent park has been a large attention getter since the early 1900’s and has a regular draw from Capital Hill and well beyond.

Estates on Mercer Island – These beautiful multi-million dollar water front properties draw the attention of many due to their varying architecture.

Meydenbauer Bay in Bellevue – The Beach Park and Nearby air field with planes taking off and landing are one of the many highlights of the area.

Estate with Full T-Rex skeleton inside - Private residence (Nathan Myhrvold's,inventor of windows 2000, house) on Lake Washington near Bellevue. He cofounded Intellectual Ventures.

Bill Gates House - The 66,000-square-foot Xanadu 2.0 is a large mansion that overlooks Lake Washington in Medina, Washington.

Hunts Point & City of Kirkland - Once a camping ground for the Sammamish Indian tribe, this residential community of single-family residences is home to just under 500 residents also called Forest City

Seattle Skyline – The history of Seattle Skyscrapers started in 1904 with the Alaska building and now boast of 14 buildings over 500 feet tall.  No picture or words can capture the beauty of the Seattle Skyline. 

Fremont Cut – Spanned by the Fremont Bridge, the body of water that forms part of Lake Washington’s Ship Canal which passes through Seattle and links to Puget Sound.  In addition, the Fremont Cut links Lake Union to the Salmon Bay.

Fisherman's Terminal – West of the Ballard Bridge, Fishermen's Terminal is a dock for Seattle, Washington's commercial fishing fleet.

Ballard Locks - Tourists and locals enjoy watching the parade of yachts, sailboats, motorboats, barges and tugs passing through as the locks' water levels are adjusted to allow for safe passage between the salt water and the fresh water of the ship canal.

Sight See

From the breath taking Mt. Rainier to the popular “Sleepless in Seattle,” many kayaks, paddleboards and sailboats carve out their spot in the waters surrounding Seattle every day.  Whether your interest are in taking pictures of the takeoff and landing of planes or just marveling at the beauty, a little bit of Seattle is never enough.

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