Yacht Charters Vancouver | Luxury Boat Cruise Vancouver

Yacht Charters Vancouver | Luxury Boat Cruise Vancouver

A major urban community that ranks among the world’s Top Ten Most Livable Cities five years in a row by The Economist Intelligence Unit, this city is much more than just a tourist attraction.  With over 9 million tourist coming and staying at least one night each year, most people would have a difficult time arguing that Vancouver B.C. isn’t a major tourist magnet.  Believe it or not tourism comes in number two, and it is the class of Beta Worldwide City that is perhaps its biggest appeal.  It’s difficult to type the word appeal and not think about the ocean front landscape of the city surrounded by nature, but it needs to be mentioned the cities innovative nature has led it to be a choice destination for lifelong occupants whose first dialect isn’t even English.  To say it best, Vancouver B.C. is better understood as an urban focus encompassed by nature.  Because of the cities high level of satisfaction, it has turned into a major attraction for film artists and is now what would be considered the new Hollywood or as some have come to call it, Hollywood North.

Aside from all of the great stats, if you are a tourist and looking for a great place to have an amazing time, Vancouver B.C. has something for everyone.  If you don’t believe me, take a look at the list below.


Stanley Park - A 1,000 plus acre public park that begins at the downtown of Vancouver B.C. and is surrounded by waters of Vancouver Harbour and English Bay.

Science World – Ran by a non-profit organization, Science World at Telus World of Science Vancouver is a science center featuring many interactive exhibits of science.

VanDusen Botanical Garden– Over 45 acres of picturesque landscapes with plant species representing ecosystems throughout the world.

Museum of Anthropology at UBC - Known for its displays of world arts and cultures, the Museum of Anthropology at UBC is located on the British Columbia campus.

Vancouver Aquarium - With over 50,000 animals from across the world to see and experience along with groundbreaking marine research and conservation initiatives for the marine world, there is absolutely too much to see in just one visit.


Shopping and Dining – Robson Street is simply amazing featuring a diversity of cuisines and beverages with unbeatable shopping opportunities.

Hiking – Hiking or walking is perhaps the best way to get to know Vancouver B.C. and the lush mountains, sprakling waters and rainforest that surround the magnificent city.

Water Activities – beach going, swimming, boating, fishing, sailing, whale watching, windsurfing, canoeing and kayaking are just a short list of water activities available.

Biking – Bikes are a common place is the city and many tours are offered outside of the city as well.

Tours – A variety of tours including trolley, horse-drawn carriages, boating and day trips are available throughout the day and week.


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